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DALCROM is established as a respected agricultural management business both locally and throughout NSW and in Victoria.

During his years of farm management is was obvious to Bruce that there was an opportunity for an independent service provider of agricultural management focussing on the changing needs of the industry.

The farming community and associated industries needed access to an independent adviser skilled particularly in irrigation management and with the practical experience required by the diversity of agriculture. These strengths proved to be an asset and what was required by the existing clientele.

The importance of water management was foreseen and it was decided to locate the business at Darlington Point between the Murrumbidgee and Coleambally Irrigation Areas.

Much was and is expected of the farming business person. Providing a base of knowledge, experience and service was seen as enabling the farmer to devote valuable time to other business management activities.

And so DALCROM was established in 1995. DALCROM prides itself in being able to provide integrated agronomic advice including irrigation management, integrated pest management, nutrition, soil management, precision agriculture/viticulture, property management and maintenance and/or record keeping of quality management systems including ISO 2000 and HACCP.

To implement the management and analysis of data the partners of the business have invested in sub meter GPS equipment and GIS software.

The partners of the business see the opportunity for further expansion of the business particularly in the area of horticulture/viticulture and to accommodate this staff has increased in this area.


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