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Continuous Soil Moisture Monitoring

The site is installed by DALCROM. The site is maintained by DALCROM. A site generally consists of three tubes - these can remain in the soil for the growing season or on a permanent basis.

Readings are taken at various depths three times per week weather and/or irrigations permitting.
Measurements are taken using a Neutron Probe.
Same day readings/recommendations are given to growers
Data is analysed by graphing the measurements.
Records are kept and can be referenced for post harvest and/or historical assessment.
Growers will receive training session in interpretation of
graphs and recommendations.

Example SMM Graphs


  • Soil Moisture Monitoring determines how much water is
    present in the soil and is for real time use
  • Monitoring allows timely and efficient assessment of plant
    water use
  • Avoid under or over watering; apply irrigations at the right
    time and in the right place and the right amount
  • Avoid leaching fertilizers/chemicals
  • Providing significant benefits through efficient management of water; quality of product and yield
  • Maintaining optimal moisture conditions
  • Water Use Efficiency
  • Monitoring intentional moisture stresses - RDI - where an effect is required on growth and/or quality
  • Assessment of water use patterns; root depth
  • Correlation of water use with plant growth; over irrigations or moisture stress
  • Assessment of irrigation strategy including system and irrigator Performance
  • Trends in water use can be seen through the profile

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